about our veterinary practice St Marys, GA

The treatment area is a spacious, busy, cheerful environment where ICU and critically ill patients are under observation by the medical team all day long, as are recovering surgical patients for the protection of our clients and their loved ones.

The facility meets and exceeds specific standards set by our profession. Equipment is maintained by staff who are trained for such maintenance (i.e. Anesthesia, radiology, diagnostic and laboratory equipment).

Proper patient medical record-keeping through a paperless system, safe drug storage, medical reference library and an orderly and sanitary premises translate into the highest standards of care. These values enable Camden Veterinary Clinic to project the best possible outcome and experience for all. Meeting these standards can require significant investments of time and expense.

Dr. Joanne Finelli-Diaz, D.V.M.

Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Diaz worked in research at the University of Florida and it is this background that compels her to trust medical and nutritional recommendations that arise from science and peer reviewed discussion versus internet opinions.

Yarleen Rodriguez - Practice Manager

Yarleen R. comes to us with over 20 years of experience in animal welfare, customer service and coaching and developing individuals that would like to strive in this field. Once a Receptionist in a private clinic in Jacksonville, Fl, where she learned most of her skills, she then ventured into learning shelter medicine as well. She brings with her, Milani, a rescued Yorkshire Terrier who was brought in for euthanasia at 4 months of age due to a liver shunt, and Ms. R was able to help with her surgery and now lives a happy and spoiled life at 7 years of age and counting.

Janet S., VRC - Receptionist

Janet comes to us as a former client that showed interest and has become one of our exceptional receptionist here. Janet will be completing her first year with us in August and has started the Veterinary Receptionist Certification Program. Janet is compassionate and jumps in where ever needed.

Carol P. - Veterinary Assistant

Carol comes to us with 15 years of veterinary technician, grooming and surgical assistance experience. She enjoys cooking and hanging out with family and friends. Frankie is her furry companion in this picture.

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